5 reasons to book your 2022 holiday at Massereau [ Destination Sommières - South of France ]

Haven’t decided on your holiday destination for this year yet?

Here are the 5 reasons we have found to convince you to spend your summer with us at the Camping du Domaine de Massereau !


1. We have a great team

Always listening, a smile that can compete with the greatest models,

a unique energy and a communicative joie de vivre!!!

We are already ready to make your 2022 holiday UN.FOR.GET.TABLE!


2. We discover ourselves as epicureans!

Let’s enjoy the taste and drink (in moderation) some good wine!

In Languedoc-Rousillon we take time to live … it’s a bit of an ancestral tradition!

Our restaurant La Source offers you to follow the famous Mediterranean diet with dishes with the colours and flavours of the South!

A food and wine pairing is inevitable! The wines of our Domaine go perfectly with the Chef’s menu!

Little advice from the Team: : stroll to the traditional Sommières market, buy fresh products and sit on a café terrace to enjoy them with a glass of local wine accompanied by some fresh oysters ! Nothing like it to feel like a true Sommierois!!!


3. We’re in swimwear from April to October!

We are in Sommières, the South of the South of France!

Sunshine = photosynthesis  = lazing around the pools  = sun-kissed complexion & high spirits

So you’re tempted? Discover here our water park with its 4 atmospheres!


4.We can pedal all day long!

And in complete safety!

The Domaine de Massereau campsite offers you direct access to the Vaunage cycle path!

Only 2 km from the town centre of Sommières, take the famous greenway to discover the medieval town!

A development of more than 20 km offers you viewpoints on the Gard vineyards & the Garrigues covered ridges!

Just one tip: schedule a day for a bike ride with a picnic at the top of the Calvisson mills.


5. The nature lover’s paradise!

The Domaine de Massereau is in the centre of the Garrigue of the Gard and the Camargue, Cévennes, Méditerranée and Provence square !

 Turn your head to the left and discover the family olive grove.

Walk a few metres and you will be immersed in a unique universe:

Le Roc de Massereau – Adventure Park.

Built in a natura 2000 zone, the largest Adventure Park in the South of France  blends in with the plane and oak trees. Your zip line will even pass over the Vidourle river to transport you to the neighbouring department “L’Hérault”.

Keep your eyes open, you will discover local species (fauna and flora )!

Our establishment, by its installations and its teams, tends towards a sustainable tourism! Our green hands reinvent themselves every day so that ecology is an integral part of your holiday tomorrow!


What do you think? Convinced?


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